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What is
Acoustic Gala?

Gala Acústic is a cycle of concerts on board the historic boat Gala, Salvador Dalí's heritage, through the beautiful scenery of the Cap de Creus Natural Park.
These small-format, high-quality concerts are held in unbeatable settings such as the Cova de l'Infern, where natural light and the acoustics of the space complete the experience.
From July to August we offer a extensive programming of intimate and exclusive concerts.
Departure from Port Lligat (Cadaqués) with crossing, concert and cava tasting

Departure from Port Lligat (Cadaqués)
At 18:00 hours.
How to arrive
Enjoy while your little ones have fun in good hands.
While you are part of the experience we offer you, if you want, your little ones will have fun, with Dalí's moustaches, the adventures of Red Beard, smugglers and sailors. Games and gymnasiums that will make them discover part of the history of our town, Cadaqués.



To reserve tickets

you need to get in touch

with us, via email

or by phone.       


RESERVATIONS: +34 6305482967

AGUSTI TORELLO MATA cava is the result of a personal commitment. The dedication of a family and a team of people that makes possible, year after year, harvest after harvest, the miracle of producing cavas with a unique personality and international recognition. Caves that are born from the best vineyards in the Penedès, respectful of their land, with the native varieties, the soil, the climate, the process and the tradition. 

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